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From Clear Aligners to Root Canal Therapy

Prioritize your oral health with Owen’s Dentistry. Our Preventative Dentistry and Oral Hygiene services include regular check-ups, cleanings, and personalized care plans. From routine examinations to professional cleanings, we catch issues early, ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles. Schedule your appointment for proactive oral wellness at Owen’s Dentistry.

Elevate your smile with cutting-edge dental implant solutions at Owen’s Dentistry. Dr. Owens brings extensive expertise to our practice, ensuring comprehensive treatment options for restoring missing teeth. Our facility boasts the latest in technological advancements, offering state-of-the-art planning, precise placement, and seamless restoration of implants.

Dental implants stand out as a superior choice for replacing missing teeth, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Whether for a single missing tooth or a full arch replacement, implants offer a natural feel in the mouth, resembling titanium roots inserted into the jaw.

For individual tooth replacement, an implant is seamlessly integrated into the missing tooth’s site, supporting a crown that stays securely in the mouth. This method eliminates the need to alter existing teeth, promoting hygiene similar to natural teeth.

Multiple teeth can be replaced by strategically placing implants and constructing a bridge between them, offering a durable solution for a larger span of missing teeth.

Experience the convenience of full arch implant replacements at Owen’s Dentistry, where 4-6 dental implants are positioned, and a fixed bridge is affixed to restore an entire arch. Some options even allow for same-day placement and a temporary fixed bridge – an innovative approach for immediate results.

Denture wearers benefit from implant placement to enhance retention, providing stability without reliance on adhesives. Owen’s Dentistry places 2-4 implants in an arch, securing components that attach to the denture for a securely held, yet removable, solution.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures precision and accuracy in dental implant procedures. Three-dimensional imaging with a Cone Beam CT scanner allows for meticulous planning, visualizing bone structure, anatomy, and vital structures. This technology enables guided implant placement, whether for a single implant or full-arch tooth replacement. Explore the possibilities of advanced implant surgery at Owen’s Dentistry. Click here to learn more about guided full arch implant surgery with N-Sequence.

Trust Owen’s Dentistry for comprehensive gum care services. From routine cleanings to advanced gum disease treatments, our team is dedicated to maintaining your gum health. Explore personalized solutions to keep your gums in optimal condition.

Transform your smile discreetly with clear aligners at Owen’s Dentistry, where orthodontic excellence meets aesthetic innovation. Orthodontics, a specialized field within dentistry, addresses the alignment of both teeth and jaws (orthognathic). When teeth are misaligned, issues like crowding or spacing can arise, impacting proper cleaning and potentially leading to future problems such as bone loss, gum recession, TMJ disorders, tooth wear, and breakdown.

At Owen’s Dentistry, we recognize the broader implications of orthodontic discrepancies, including their potential links to airway and breathing issues like sleep apnea. Early diagnosis and prevention are crucial for effective treatment. According to The American Association of Orthodontists, patients should be examined by the age of 7 or when an issue is identified. We meticulously examine and screen every patient for orthodontic and orthognathic concerns, collaborating closely with local orthodontists to ensure consistent and reliable results.

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign and Smart Moves, offer a discreet and aesthetically pleasing method for tooth movement. These clear trays incrementally shift teeth into the desired position, providing an alternative to conventional braces. At Owen’s Dentistry, we prioritize esthetic solutions for a straighter smile, empowering you to achieve optimal oral health with confidence and comfort.

Elevate your smile with Owen’s Dentistry’s advanced crown and bridge solutions, addressing damaged or missing teeth for a restored and aesthetically pleasing outcome. The natural crown of a tooth, visible in the mirror, can be recreated with a prosthetic version when decay or trauma leads to significant tooth structure loss.

Crowns: Discover the transformative benefits of crowns at Owen’s Dentistry. Crafted to encapsulate the entire remaining tooth structure above the gum tissue, crowns serve as protective shields post-root canal treatments or for severely cracked teeth. Our use of EMAX/Lithium Disilicate and BruxZir/Zirconium Oxide crowns ensures exceptional strength and superior aesthetic results, leaving a lasting impression on our patients.

Bridges: Experience the stability and functionality of bridges, a series of fused crowns seamlessly replacing missing teeth or connecting multiple teeth for enhanced stability. Owen’s Dentistry excels in the art of tooth restoration, carefully reducing the tooth to make room for the prosthetic material that restores both form and function.

Our cutting-edge intraoral scanner allows us to take precise records of your mouth without traditional impression materials, ensuring a comfortable and efficient process in the creation of your prosthetic tooth. Trust Owen’s Dentistry for crown and bridge solutions that prioritize strength, aesthetics, and personalized care, delivering a revitalized and natural-looking smile.

Transform your smile with cosmetic tooth whitening at Owens Dentistry, where we specialize in removing stains and discolorations without compromising your tooth structure. Our whitening procedures target natural tooth structures, leaving crowns and fillings unaffected. Recommended for most adults with healthy gum tissue, our peroxide-based solutions ensure a brighter, whiter smile.

Explore our advanced KöR whitening system, delivering undeniable results for patients tackling even the toughest stains. Tailored options cater to existing stains and desired whiteness levels, offering whitening trays fabricated by KöR’s laboratory for nightly use. These trays can be used alone or in conjunction with in-chair whitening sessions. Schedule a consultation today to discover the best whitening options for you.

For those seeking shorter-term whitening solutions, Owens Dentistry provides options similar to common over-the-counter agents. While these options deliver effective whitening, they are typically on a more limited scale.

In addition to whitening, consider veneers as a transformative treatment to enhance your smile. Unlike whitening, veneers may involve minimal removal of tooth structure to achieve desired results. These thin coverings, made from materials similar to crowns or fillings, are applied over existing teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Elevate your smile with Owens Dentistry’s comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Revitalize your smile with denture solutions at Owen’s Dentistry, offering a rich history of over 2000 years in providing effective tooth replacement. Dentures remain a prevalent choice for those missing some or all teeth, offering both functional restoration and aesthetic enhancement.

Complete Dentures: Experience comprehensive tooth replacement with complete dentures when all teeth are missing in one or both arches. Crafted from durable acrylic or nylon, these dentures are secured in the mouth through suction and, if necessary, adhesive application. Owen’s Dentistry ensures precision in creating complete dentures, restoring both form and function.

Alternate to Complete: Explore an adhesive-free alternative for complete denture wearers through the transformative option of dental implants. By placing 2 to 4 dental implants in an arch, Owen’s Dentistry designs dentures retained by components connecting to the implants. Implant dentures offer superior stability and retention, providing a natural feel and even allowing for palate coverage removal on the top denture.

Partial Dentures: For those with some missing teeth, partial dentures offer a versatile solution. These removable prosthetics, made from acrylic, nylon, metal, or a combination, restore a full complement of teeth. Secured with clasps attaching to existing teeth or specially integrated crowns, partial dentures provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option.

Implant Integration with Partial Dentures: Embrace enhanced stability and functionality with partial dentures that incorporate dental implants. Instead of relying on existing teeth for support, strategically placed implants secure the partial denture, replacing missing teeth without exerting force or clasps on natural teeth. Owen’s Dentistry ensures a tailored approach for personalized and comfortable tooth replacement.

Discover the transformative possibilities of dentures at Owen’s Dentistry, where expertise meets innovation for a revitalized and natural-looking smile.

Experience aesthetic and reliable treatment for dental cavities at Owen’s Dentistry. We prioritize your oral health by offering advanced and metal-free filling options. Unlike traditional metal or amalgam fillings, we exclusively use composites – tooth-colored materials that mimic your natural tooth. Our composite fillings provide long-lasting, highly polishable, and life-like restorations. Additionally, for selective cases, we utilize resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI) fillings, ideal for pediatric teeth or situations where a bonded composite may not be suitable. Trust Owen’s Dentistry for modern, cavity-inhibiting, and remineralizing solutions to restore and enhance your smile.

Owen’s Dentistry provides expert Root Canal Therapy, a crucial procedure often required to alleviate pain and infection stemming from tooth nerve issues. Whether caused by cavities, fractures, or severe breaks, our skilled team excels in saving teeth through this precise treatment. In our advanced approach, we employ Rotary Endodontics, a cutting-edge technique that ensures efficient and precise root canal procedures. This technology utilizes flexible nickel-titanium files in a spinning handpiece motor, enabling a smoother filing process and significantly reducing procedure time. Trust Owen’s Dentistry for modern and efficient root canal solutions, preserving your natural teeth with expertise and care.