Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the nerve of a tooth. Pain and infection are usually the cause. If a tooth has a cavity or fracture the nerve may experience pain that is not able to be resolved with simply a filling or crown. A root canal is a procedure by which the nerve is removed, the inside of the tooth canal is filed and reshaped, disinfected and then sealed down near the tip of the root. Sometimes this procedure is needed to save a tooth that is severely broken, even in the absence of pain and infection, so that a post can be inserted into the root to make a crown.
Rotary endodontics is one of the techniques we use to perform a root canal. This allows the procedure to be done in less time and more precisely. Rotary endodontic technology differs from manual techniques in that flexible nickel-titanium files are used in a handpiece motor that spins, allowing for a smooth filing of the canal.

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