Owens Dentistry offers many solutions to restoring missing teeth.  Dr. Owens has extensive experience with dental implants that allows us to offer treatment for almost any situation. The most technologically up to date treatment planning, placement and restoration of implants are all offered at our facility.

In many cases, Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. if you are missing some or all teeth, dental implants can be used successfully and predictably to restore function and aesthetics. Implants are essentially a titanium root that is inserted into the jaw that can be used in a variety of ways to make for a result feels more natural in the mouth.

Single teeth can be replaced by placing an implant in the site of a missing tooth. On the implant, a crown is made that attaches and stays in the mouth. There is no need to grind down existing teeth and the implant is not connected to other teeth. this makes hygiene around an implant similar to existing teeth.

Multiple teeth can be replaced by placing implants and fabricating a bridge from one implant to another to replace a larger span of teeth.

Full arch implant replacements are available for someone missing all teeth on the top or bottom jaw. 4-6 dental implants are placed and a bridge is fixed to the implants. Options are available where the teeth can be removed, implants placed and a temporary fixed bridge is placed ALL IN ONE DAY.

Patients who have dentures can also benefit from dental implants being placed to help retention, making a more stable denture that doesn’t rely on denture adhesives. 2-4 implants can be placed in an arch (minimally 2 in the lower jaw, minimally 4in the upper jaw) with components that attach to the denture. The denture is still removable but is held securely.

Owens Dentistry’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology allows us to provide the best care for our patients. Technology allows us to plan and place dental implants with precision and accuracy. Three Dimensional images will be taken during your planning with a Cone Beam CT scanner. This allows visualization of the bone, anatomy, vital structures so that proper planning can be performed. These scans also allow guides to be designed that allow the exact placement of the planned implants. This innovative technology can be used to place a single implant or can be used for full-arch tooth replacement. Click here to learn more about guided full arch implant Surgery with N-Sequence.

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