& Bridge

Your natural crown of the tooth is what you see when you look in the mirror. If you were to damage the tooth with decay or trauma to the extent that enough tooth structure was missing, a prosthetic version of the natural crown could be created. A crown is made to encapsulate the entire remaining tooth structure above the gum tissue. Crowns can also be made after root canals to protect the tooth or to save a tooth that is severely cracked.

EMAX/ Lithium Disilicate and BruxZir/Zirconium Oxide crowns provide results that continue to impress our patients. We use these materials that provide excellent strength and superior esthetic results

Bridges are a series of fused crowns. Bridges can be made to replace missing teeth or to tie multiple teeth together to give more stability to loose teeth.

The tooth is reduced to make room for the material that is to restore the tooth. An impression or a scan is taken of the prepared tooth so that the prosthetic tooth can be manufactured. With our intraoral scanner, it is possible to take records of your mouth without using impression material.

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