Discover Owens Dentistry Commitment to Serving the Community

Dr. Owens is a member of the Coal region community, this is home. Serving this area in ways both related to dentistry and beyond. His call to serve others reaches beyond the local community extending to other countries.

Twice a year Owens Dentistry sponsors a Community Care Day. Partnered with Associated Oral Surgeons, we provide free cleanings, fillings, and extractions to anyone who attends the clinic. Participation is first-come, first-serve and there are no questions about the need of the patient.

Twice a year we host a food drive. Items can be dropped off at the office and for each item donated, one dollar is taken off of the patient’s balance. All donations are then taken to local food banks.

Our Candy Buy Back program occurs after Halloween every year. One dollar is given for each pound of candy up to 5 pounds. All candy is then sent, along with toothbrushes and toothpaste to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude makes care packages and send them to servicewomen and men stationed in this country and abroad. For more information click the link

Every February, Dr. Owens travels to Nicaragua where he performs dentistry at an orphanage. CICRIN is an orphanage and school on the island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. While at Susquehanna University Dr. Owens met Chaplain Mark Radecke who has been taking groups of students and, now in retirement groups from his church in Virginia. A few years ago there was a discussion of Dr. Owens traveling along as a dentist. Equipment was purchased and transported with the group, and a small clinic was set up in a room at the property. Or more information or if you would like to make a donation please click on the following link

Once Owens Dentistry moved to our new home, we not only had more room inside the clinic but also some ground outside. Dr. Owens set up a community garden alongside the office. He grows vegetables and as they ripen, they are available for pickup at the office by anyone who needs it. Availability is posted on Facebook, and you do not need to be a patient to receive.

Dr. Owens also may appear different from time to time in the office. He grows his hair to donate to Wigs for Kids, an organization that provides real hair wigs to kids with cancer and alopecia.

Our office space is also a site for people in need to pick up free diapers. As a volunteer of the Danville Area Diaper Bank, it was noticed that many people would drive from the coal region, over to Danville weekly to get diapers. There was the idea to have a satellite location where people could pick up diapers without making a long drive. People can pick up diapers, needing to only provide the town of residence and the size needed per child.